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Specialty Dining at Impression Moxché by Secrets

A Taste of Impression
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Impression by Secrets Moxché restaurants are a culmination of masterful culinary arts and sultry romance, with meals that exude our vision of paradise.

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From delicately composed dishes to confidently classic favorites, the resort offers a dining experience for every mood and moment. Enhance your passion with bold flavors and spirited settings or savor a tender moment for two with curated cocktails and a scenic backdrop.

Our kitchens are a tapestry of global cuisine, offering a passport to Italy's sun-kissed coasts, the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia, the romantic bistros of France, the precision of Japanese sushi. Our chefs, true artisans of their craft, artfully blend traditional and modern techniques to elevate each dish to perfection.

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Unique experiences and unmatched service abound at every restaurant, bar and lounge. From wine pairings to rooftop views, and from tasting bars to private seaside dinners, every meal invites you to live and dine a step above.

Discover 3 restaurants and 4 bars, plus an additional 11 restaurants and 8 bars next door at Secrets Moxché. Every venue and every bite offers the chance to transcend extraordinary.

Food at restaurant
Food at restaurant

Signature Restaurants

Our resort’s two signature restaurants represent our dedication to culinary excellence and exquisite atmosphere. Teodoro offers a 7-course tasting menu where each dish is a testament to the chef's artistry, creating a symphony of taste that lingers in memory. At Cielo, our rooftop restaurant, dine under the sun with a side of ocean breezes. The menu is array of celestial masterpieces in a rendezvous with the cosmos. Discover how these two perfect options redefine dining excellence.

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Romantic Dining

Turn moments into delicious memories. Whether it's dinner for two with beach waves as a soundtrack or a romantic night in, Impression Moxché by Secrets will turn your scenery into a delightful dining occasion. Inquire about private dining experiences with the concierge.

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Meet Executive Chef


Chef Orlando Trejo, a culinary virtuoso, is deeply rooted in the traditions of Mexican gastronomy. His journey through the culinary world has been intricately tied to his travels across various states in Mexico, where he unearthed and honed the enigmatic secrets of traditional Mexican cuisine. With a relentless passion for his craft, Chef Orlando has emerged as one of the most prominent figures in the country’s culinary scene.

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