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About us

Care is at the heart of everything we do at Inclusive Collection. As our world evolves and new challenges emerge, we have brought our global strategy of environmental, social and governance care to life through our platform World of Care. Deeply rooted in all areas of our business, World of Care is our global way to promote care for the planet, for people and for responsible business.

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Caring for the planet

We are committed to caring for our planet by reducing our environmental impact and preserving our natural resources. For this reason, our initiatives and actions are focused on detecting, preventing and reducing the negative impacts of tourism on the planet and people.

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Caring for people

We care for the wellbeing of our colleagues, guests, owners and communities and are committed to advancing a culture of opportunity for all.

We transfer our sustainability policy transversally throughout the company and involve our employees in our initiatives through volunteering actions and training so that each person becomes responsible for working in a way that respects the environment, people and the business. The professional development of our employees is one of the central pillars of our business and we work to reduce inequalities and promote the integration of vulnerable groups into the labour market.

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Caring for responsible business

We embrace our responsibility to create fair and ethical business, both within and beyond our company and Hyatt properties.

We promote integrity and transparency as strategic issues to ensure ethical and responsible operation of the company and the industry. Part of this commitment is directly linked to promoting a pleasant and inclusive workplace while pursuing economic growth. We meet many of our business objectives through participation in various industry associations and collaboration agreements with non-profit organisations.


Our properties are honored to have received the following certifications that recognize our commitment to excellence, hygiene and preserving the environment.

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BREEAM Certification

In __________, our ____-star, ________ ____________ resort, has received the BREEAM certification, after being assessed by BRE for its environmental, social and economic sustainability performance.

This certification recognizes ________ ___________ for its promotion of a sustainable environment that protects its natural resources and enhances the wellbeing of the people who stay and work there.

Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and driving change in our communities with a focus on climate change and water conservation, waste and circularity, responsible sourcing and thriving destinations.

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Biosphere Committed

Our hotels currently hold the "Biosphere Committed" recognition, promoted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), a member of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council). This recognition reflects our commitment to the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda through different activities and initiatives linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Cristal International Standards®

We are proud of the high quality, safety and hygiene standards that our properties employ as evidenced by the Cristal International Standards®, one of the industry’s highest-level certifications, verifying best-of-class processes for quality and safety.