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An Unforgettable Spa Experience

Indulge your senses at the Zoëtry® Spa at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana. Relax, revitalize and restore your sense of well-being at our world-class spa. Rejuvenate your body with skin care, massages, salon services and wraps infused with natural and local elements.  Let our expert staff provide unparalleled pampering and endless moments of relaxation.

Zoëtry Spa

Immerse in a well-deserved spa escape with pampering services that wash away every day cares. Relish the therapeutic benefits of bamboo, sea mud, marine algae and other nourishing elements to restore health and well-being. Connect with your partner during a relaxing couples massage or simply savor a treatment for yourself. Whatever service you choose, you’ll leave feeling completely relaxed and refreshed.

  • Finnish and steam saunas
  • Indoor pool and Inox bubble beds
  • Sensation showers
  • Luxury Natura Bissé spa products
  • Individual and couples pampering
Hydrotherapy circuit

Spa Treatments

Citrus Scrub

A sensory experience combined with micronized bitter orange lava and bamboo that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, firm and revitalized.

Detox Marine Essence

Bamboo particles polish away dead skin cells while marine algae hydrate, detoxify and firm the body.


Soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation on face and back with this exceptional recovery treatment for hypersensitized skin that protects the skin against environmental aggressors. An eucaliptus and mint based oil will relieve tired legs and decontracts pain on the back.


Recharge the vitality of your skin with this protocol based on the benefits of vitamin C. Enjoy a powerful infusion of antioxidant properties in a true sensory treatment for face and back and immerse yourself in a wonderful citric atmosphere.


Put your best face forward with this intensive treatment based on a powerful amino acid cocktail and other key nutrients. that defy aging with this rejuvenating treatment for face and back.


A luxurious oxygen therapy treatment for face and back that detoxifies and hydrates targeted areas while relaxing and providing a complete sense of wellbeing.

The O2 Relax

Awaken your skin with the revitalizing energy of pure oxygen to decongest, brighten and clarify a dull complexion. Perfect for the frequent flier and urbanites whose skin suffers from every day aggressors.

The Skin Comfort

Comfort your skin with an exclusive combination of botanical ingredients that soothe sensitized skin. This calming facial is the perfect answer for hypersensitivity and rosacea.

The Citrus Essence

Drench your skin with the antioxidant power of vitamin C. This nutrient rich treatment revitalizes the senses, stimulates the production of collagen, reduces inflammation and intensely hydrates.

3D Collagen Shock

Shocks skin with a unique cocktail formulated to combat premature aging and maintain plump hydrated and wrinkle free skin.This repairing treatment will stimulate the skin’s cellular function to fight premature aging caused by hormonal fluctuations.

The Express Facial

Renew and maintain a healthy complexion for the client on the go. Deeply hydrating treatment to rejuvenate the skin in a flash.

Essential Eye

Infuse your skin with all the benefits of marine algae with a treatment that relieves puffiness and dehydration around the eye contour area with a cocktail that includes draining, nourishing and decongestant ingredients.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage that employs techniques tailored to release tension and knots caused by stress, and to alleviate chronic muscle strain.

Sport Massage

A post-sport massage alleviating aches and pains caused from overexertion. Helps to increase flexibility and prevent injuries.

Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage

A massage focused on shoulders, neck and back to release accumulated tension.

Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt stones are used to massage strategic areas of the body to bring about relaxation and release muscle tension.

Swedish Massage

A completely personalized treatment based on the needs and desired results of each client. It uses a combination of fluid, rhythmic, soothing and medium pressure movements in specific areas, to release muscle tension and promote a state of balance, calm and stress-free.

Craneo Facial Massage

A session that will bring a deep sense of peace and well-being thanks to specific massages focused on relieving muscular tensions on the face and balancing mind and body.

Intuitive Hand Massage

Restore vitality to your hands with a dose of vitamin C full of antioxidants that will firm and brighten your skin.

Intuitive Feet Massage

The power of vitamin C effectively repairs the damage caused throughout the years, revealing smooth, supple skin.

Hand or Feet Reflex Massage

A massage technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet/ hand. Both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, points on the feet are massaged and stimulated to release blocked energy from corresponding areas in your body.

Tension Legs Relief

Refreshing product is applied onto the skin by way of a targeted massage to increase circulation. High in botanical extracts, the treatment generates a local cooling effect that appeases tired legs and comforts swollen ankles. This sensation of lightness will stay with you all day long.

Man in hydrotherapy at spa

Spa FAQs

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  • What payment options do you offer for Spa services?

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  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Can I get an expert recommendation?

  • When should I arrive at the Spa?

  • How should I dress?

  • What should I do in advance?