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Legal Requirements

  • Bride and Groom: Full name. (As written on your passport, please). Note for single Brides and Grooms: If your last name does not match your father’s (for a reason other than a previous marriage, in the case of Brides), please provide a brief explanation.
  • Profession/Occupation. Please describe briefly; for example: engineer, electronic technician, school teacher, broker, assistant in electric company, etc. Kindly avoid the following terms as they are vague: company director, project control officer, public official, service technician, assistant, assistant manager, strategy consultant, manager, operations manager, coordinator, etc.
  • Current address. (Street address, please). This is your home address.
  • Passport number and Citizenship. Please make sure each passport is signed by the bearer. Scan them together and email (Scans: please send the scan in JPG or
  • PDF format and size around 500k).
  • Marital status. If divorced, please indicate the date, city and state or province, name of Court that decreed the divorce, and the full name of ex-spouse and his/her citizenship, no initials, please. Please include a copy of the divorce certificate or resolution. If you’ve been divorced more than once, please send the information only on your last.
  • Date and place of birth. (City, state or province, country). Please include a copy of your birth certificate.
  • Full name of Father and Mother and current citizenship. (No initials, please). Required by law, even if parents are deceased. Mother’s name must be her current name, not maiden, please.
  • Mailing address. (No PO Box, please) This is the address where the final documentation will be sent.
  • Phone number: Necessary for delivery, in case they can’t find your address.
  • Witnesses: Costa Rica Law requires two witnesses for the marriage. Family and friends can certainly be witnesses, as long as they are 18 years of age or older.

For the witnesses, please send the info on items 1-5 on two people of your choice. No need to include divorce papers or birth certificate for the witnesses. If married, divorced or widowed, please include the number of times.

  • The required information must be sent to our lawyer´s office to Mr. Einar Villavicencio at