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Designed To Preserve

We believe in embracing the beauty of nature while delivering unparalleled comfort and warmth. Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our passion for providing guests with an unforgettable experience. We invite you to discover how we merge the realms of opulence and conservation.

Shark swimming

Preserving The Guardians Of The Sea

We proudly support the "Saving Our Sharks Foundation," a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of sharks through conservation research, education and outreach, and advocacy and policy change. By staying with us, you directly contribute to our efforts to protect and study the marine ecosystems that make Isla Mujeres a haven for these magnificent creatures.

Key Initiatives

Shark Conservation Research
Partners with scientists for cutting-edge shark research, informing conservation & protection.

Education & Outreach

Educates to reshape shark perceptions, partnering with schools, communities, and institutions for positive shark image & ecosystem awareness.

Advocacy & Policy Change

Advocates globally for shark protection laws, bans shark finning, protects habitats, and promotes sustainable fishing, ensuring ocean safety.

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Artful Serenity













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We have woven the vibrant tapestry of global talent into the very fabric of our existence, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and artistic expression. We believe that art transcends boundaries, and our art program proudly embraces creators from every corner of the world. These visionary artists have graced us with their boundless creativity, lending their unique perspectives to our paradise. Our art collection, thoughtfully curated to complement the island's natural beauty, invites you to embark on a journey of inspiration, reflection, and rejuvenation. As you immerse yourself in the stories and emotions of each piece, we hope to awaken your inner artist.

 Current exhibits and installations

  • Saving Our Sharks Foundation Mural by Mexican marine life artist, Wyland. Guests can take a self-guided tour through QR codes placed alongside each sculpture.
  • Mosaic Sharks by Mexican Huichol (traditional form of beaded sculpture art) artist, Cesar Menchaca
  • Pink Meditation Buoys by Argentinian digital artist, Andrés Reisinger
  • Works by Mexican sculptor, César López Negrete
Shark art installation
Pink meditation buoys in the ocean
Art installation


As you explore our sanctuary, you'll be greeted by sustainable and eco-conscious architecture that pays homage to the very essence of this island. Bamboo and local wood, hewn from the earth, have been sculpted into graceful structures that sway with the ocean breeze, much like The Temple, our unique gazebo designed by architect Javier Uma. These elements not only encapsulate the spirit of the island but also bear witness to our unwavering commitment to preserving the natural world. The resort's design also merges seamlessly with the lush greenery and the vivid blues of the ocean, enhancing your connection with the environment. Here, every moment is a testament to our devotion to ensuring that luxury, comfort, and sustainability coexist.

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