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UNIK The Kitchen

Welcome to an unmatched culinary concept, where the classic flavors of the Mediterranean combine with the vibrant zest of Mexico, mixed with the expansive palette of Asia. Distinct flavors and concepts converge high above the shoreline to form an exquisite setting and unforgettable dining experience that truly transcends borders and tantalizes the senses.

Master Chef
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Chef Paolo, the visionary behind Spezia, also brings his mastery to UNIK The Kitchen, where he uses his decades-long experiences as an executive chef at Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels to adapt and fuse new cuisines. Join us in savoring his creations, where every innovative dish bridges the flavors of the Mediterranean, Mexico and Asia.

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The Cuisine

Our menu is a unique fusion of tastes and textures, carefully crafted to whisk you away on a global gastronomic adventure. Order an array of creations from around the world like fresh ceviche, bright carpaccio or succulent Asian-style wings. Here you’ll enjoy small plates with big flavor in every unforgettable bite.

Stock photography with added treatment - Impression By Secrets Only
Stock photography - Impression By Secrets Only

Our carefully selected wine and spirits collection features unmatched possibilities and amazing options for every patron. From the robust reds of Bordeaux to the crisp whites of the Mediterranean coast, our cellar boasts a diverse and delectable collection of vintages to perfectly complement your meal. Our mixologists craft signature cocktails inspired by the countries of our delicious cuisine, ensuring each sip is in perfect harmony with your chosen tapas.

Restaurant Terrace overlooking ocean

As the sun dips below the horizon, our rooftop oasis transforms into a vibrant nocturnal hotspot. The ambiance turns up with a resident DJ curating the perfect soundtrack under the stars. Whether you're tasting delicious tapas, sipping handcrafted cocktails, or dancing to the music, our restaurant promises a truly complete and memorable experience. Join us for a night of fusion, flavor, and fun that will leave you craving more.

Restaurant Info

Casual for Lunch | Casual Elegance for Dinner

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Rooftop infinity pool at night

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