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An Unforgettable Spa Experience

Immerse yourself in a new and exclusive pure sanctuary for rest and relaxation, designed to deliver memorable healthy experiences in a perfect setting that ensures the maximum well-being of both your body and soul. Imagine tranquility, serenity, and relaxation in an exquisite setting designed with both of you in mind. Our Dreams Spa is a haven for rejuvenating body and facial treatments, soothing hydrotherapy, relaxing massages, and pampering salons. Let us pamper you and enjoyed an unforgettable spa experience.

Dreams Spa

  • Semi-Olympic 25 m2 swimming pool
  • Sauna, steam bath and ice fountain
  • Nebulized and bithermal shower
  • Seven spacious and comfortable cabins for massages, body and facial treatments.
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Opening hours: Every day from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (schedule subject to change)

Note: Service with additional cost. Exclusive use for those over 16 years of age

Massage treatment room in spa.

Spa Treatments


Nourishes • Purifies • Oxygenates

An antioxidant treatment that restores vitality to sun-damaged skin and helps minimize signs of premature aging. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and renews skin firmness, while improving luminosity and hydration.


Redefines • Provides Smart Energy • Rejuvenates

Global antiaging treatment with an immediate lifting effect with an advanced myo-facial active massage. You will achieve a firm, luminous and powerfully hydrated complexion. Antiaging energy for the most demanding skin.


Nourishes • Firms • Tightens

Designed to specifically treat and transform the neck and décolleté, this treatment is an advanced cosmetic lifting for this specific area. The result is a firmer, smoother, more flexible skin and a more defined facial contour.


Firms • Tightens • Balances

Preserves skin's youthfulness and slows the aging process. Visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and restores a youthful glow to every level of the skin. Dramatically reverses premature aging while increasing firmness and


Cleanses • Hydrates • Softens

Powerful rejuvenating treatment, tailored to the specific needs of male skin, immediately leaving the skin full of energy and vitality.


Exfoliates • Nourishes • Revitalizes

A magical trip to the volcanic essence of our island; Lanzarote’s volcanic lava has a deep remineralizing action, which renews and reaffirms tissues. We will finish with an intense hydration with Aloe Vera to regenerate and nourish the


Exfoliates • Detoxifies • Nourishes

Bio-Energy local wrap that activates the metabolism, moisturizes, purifies and nourishes the skin, helping to eliminate toxins. Reduces fat accumulations in cellulite areas and reshapes the silhouette.


Exfoliates • Detoxifies • Nourishes

Localized treatment that works on the metabolism allowing the elimination of fats and producing an important purification of toxins, the skin is toned due to the stimulation of the circulation. The figure is slimmed and reaffirmed, visibly reducing cellulite and recovering its natural texture.


Exfoliates • Detoxifies • Nourishes

Bio-Energy Wrap that activates the metabolism, moisturizes, purifies and nourishes the skin, helping to eliminate toxins. Reduces fat accumulations in cellulite areas and reshapes the silhouette.


Relaxes • Hydrates • Recuperates

Excellent enveloping and relaxing massage. Combining the power of essential oils and different massage techniques with moderate pressure. It helps to release tension, create deep muscle relaxation and sublime mental calm.


Relaxes • Hydrates • Energizes

Relaxing massage, performed with smooth, silky, rhythmic movements, in a rhythm of harmony and serenity. We will use the jewel of our island... Aloe Vera, considered the queen of medicinal plants, for its exceptional healing properties, which will provide nutrition and vitality to our skin.


Stimulates • Releases • Relaxes

Localized back, neck and leg massage to relax those areas where greater tension is concentrated, oxygenating the tissues and facilitating the mobility of the muscles. By performing deep movements, you can relax and treat stress and muscle fatigue, discharge tension, stimulate circulation and realign muscle fibres.


Releases • Recuperates • Revitalizes

Localized massage that relieves chronic stress. The combination of essential oils and specific pressure and movements that help to release muscle blocks and reduce the sensation of fatigue.


Stimulates • Releases • Relaxes

Full body massage with deep pressure and fluid movements. Excellent treatment to release muscular tensions thanks to its deep and stimulating movements. It provides effective relief in tired and sore muscles.


Relaxes • Nourishes • Relieves

Delicate personalized massage carefully adapting to the needs of the future mum-to-be. Soothes and relieves legs heaviness and lumbar tension, which usually appear throughout pregnancy. Made with Energizing Natura Bissé oil, it
carries a greater elasticity to the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.


Relaxes • Harmonizee • Renews

Relaxing couple massage. An excellent opportunity to share some moments of calm, disconnect from the routine, communicate through silence... This beautiful massage performed with essential oils will transport us to the
reconnection of our being, strengthening the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Immerse in a True Retreat

Find out more information about our luxurious spa treatments and packages.

Indoor swimming pool with loungers and hot tub.
sitting area in Spa area.
Sitting area for relaxation in Spa area.

Spa FAQs

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  • Can I get an expert recommendation?

  • When should I arrive at the Spa?

  • How should I dress?

  • What should I do in advance?