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Explore Madeira, an amazing island in the Atlantic Ocean

Embark on a journey to Madeira, an island formed by volcanoes in the enchanting Madeira archipelago. Alongside the tiny neighboring island of Porto Santo and the uninhabited Desertas Islands, Madeira is a haven of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

With a population of around 240,000, Madeira is home to vibrant urban areas surrounding the capital city of Funchal, as well as the famed fishing village of Câmara de Lobos, made famous by Winston Churchill's painting.

Immerse yourself in the island's diverse landscapes, from the jagged coastline that dramatically meets the ocean to the majestic mountains that adorn the entire main island of Madeira. The highest peak, Pico Ruivo, reaches a staggering height of 1862 meters, surrounded by the island's most rugged and breathtaking mountain range.

Indulge in Madeira's mild and spring-like climate, offering an ideal setting for hikers and nature lovers to revel in the paradise-like surroundings throughout the year.


Located on the south coast of the island of Madeira, explore the city centre as you take a stroll around its most iconic streets and buildings. Enjoy the maze of narrow, cobbled streets full of bright and vivid colours, the perfect place to take a break to enjoy a drink or lunch.

Laurisilva Forest

Considered a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, this forest offers a wide range of endemic species, huge trees and many plants that are found nowhere else on earth. Additionally, numerous bird species  enjoy its protected conservation areas.

Madeira Funchal Garden

Lido seafront promenade

A beautiful promenade alongside the sea with gardens where you can rest and visit one of the highest cliffs in Europe.

Curral das Freiras

Located in a valley with some of the most beautiful scenery on the island, especially when seen from the Eira Do Serrado viewpoint.

Porto Santo Island

A quiet island with a fine sandy beach and transparent waters. It’s also an ideal destination for golf fans as it’s one of the top attractions on the island. Visit using one of several daily boat or plane services.

Madeira Porto Santo Island

Madeira's Stunning Beaches

Discover the allure of Madeira's enchanting coastline, where pristine beaches await. Bask in the natural beauty of golden sands, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking ocean views. Whether you seek relaxation, exhilarating water sports or a tranquil escape, Madeira's coastal treasures offer something for everyone.

Madeira Praia Formosa

Praia Formosa

Located in Funchal, Praia Formosa is a popular pebble beach offering breathtaking ocean views and calm, crystal-clear waters. It is the largest public beach in Madeira and provides convenient amenities such as restaurants, cafes and changing facilities, ensuring a comfortable beach experience.

Madeira Calheta Beach

Calheta Beach

Nestled in the picturesque village of Calheta, this man-made sandy beach is a favored spot among locals and tourists alike. With its golden sands, serene marina and a range of water sports activities, Calheta Beach provides a perfect setting for relaxation and adventure. Visitors can also enjoy various dining options, bars and nearby accommodations.

Madeira Prainha Caniçal

Prainha de Caniçal

Tucked away in Caniçal village, Prainha de Caniçal is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil escape. This small pebble beach is embraced by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, creating a serene atmosphere. It is an ideal spot for snorkeling and immersing oneself in the wonders of nature. Prainha de Caniçal is cherished for its unspoiled beauty and a sense of seclusion from the busier tourist areas.


Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Nestled in Monte, Funchal, this cultural attraction combines lush botanical gardens with captivating art. Discover exotic plants, tranquil lakes and a remarkable collection of sculptures from around the world.

Madeira Story Centre

Located in Funchal, the Madeira Story Centre offers an immersive experience into the island's history and culture. Through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, delve into Madeira's volcanic origins, maritime heritage and traditional crafts.

Blandy's Wine Lodge

A visit to Madeira wouldn't be complete without exploring its famous wine heritage. Take a guided tour to learn about the unique winemaking process, wander through historic cellars and savor tastings of the iconic Madeira wines.

Madeira Monte Palace Tropical Garden


In the Madeira archipelago, you’ll find unparalleled and delicious food, ranging from typical regional dishes to international cuisine.

Thanks to the location surrounded by the sea, there’s plenty of exquisite fish and shellfish. There are also traditional dishes like the brochette of beef, cubed and roasted on a bay twig and accompanied by fried maize; the celebrated vinha-d’alhos sandwich, made with marinated pork; and bolo do caco, a typical bread made with wheat flour and garlic butter, which should be eaten warm.

And if you love fruit, you’ll find a veritable paradise in Madeira.

Madeira Gastronomy
Madeira Wine

Madeira Wine

Madeira wine has a long history dating back over five centuries, and it is known and appreciated all over the world. Key factors are the island’s rich soil and special climate, as well as the production process and the grape varieties grown. The most noble of these are Sercial, Boal, Verdelho and Malvasia.

Madeira Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

The island of Madeira offers an exceptional geography and climate for a wide range of outdoor activities. Particularly popular and reinvigorating are the traditional levadas y veredas (a system of paths that covers the entire archipelago). For several centuries, Madeira has been a sought-after destination due to the therapeutic properties of its climate. Immerse yourself in the calm, transparent ocean, benefit from plant and seaweed extracts, enjoy the scents of flowers and the clean air: the perfect recipe for renewed energy.