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Explore Corfu: Your Mediterranean Escape

Corfu is an island full of history in the Ionian Sea. It is the home of 110.000 people, of whom 10.000 are permanent British citizens, and 40.000 live in the center of the town named Kampielo, an UNESCO protected city.

Every street in the center of the city, gives you a mixed feeling of being in Greece and in a different country at the same time, such as Italy mostly, or France, as the island was in the past the home of the British, Italian, and French aristocracy.

Today, there are many tourist destinations on the island of particular interest to the British, the French, the Serbs, and even the Asians. The whole of Corfu consists of a medium-to-high mountain range that plunges dramatically into the sea on every side, pebble on the east and sandy on the west.

The Greek Islands enjoy mostly spring-like temperatures throughout the winter and warm summers, and are above all a paradise for active holidaymakers and nature enthusiasts. The highest point on Corfu is Pantokrator Mont, at 911 meters, on the north-east side of the island.

Kanoni and Mouse Island

From the hilltop canon, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of Mouse Island and the church of Panagia Vlaherna, connected to the mainland by a narrow pathway.

Achilleon Palace

Built in 1890 for Empress Elizabeth (Sissy) of Austria, it was named Achillion after her favorite Greek hero, Achilles. After her assassination, the palace was sold to the Kaiser of Germany.

church on the water

Old Fortress

Located on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge, the Old Fortress of Corfu offers stunning views of the town and the sea from its lighthouse.

Spianada Square

The most impressive square of Corfu Town. Lies between the Old Fortress and the Old Town. This is the second largest square in Europe.

Town Hall

This mansion, built in Venetian style in the late 17th century, served as a club for noblemen before becoming a theatre and ultimately the Town Hall in 1903.

Aerial view

Corfu's Pristine Beaches

With crystal clear waters and golden sands, Corfu's beaches offer a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. Enjoy water sports or simply take a dip in the refreshing waters. The breathtaking scenery of Corfu's beaches is sure to leave you enchanted and rejuvenated.

Beach area

Paleokastritsa Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu, known for its stunning natural scenery and crystal-clear waters. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, and there are plenty of water activities available, including snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

Dreams Corfu beach area

Glyfada Beach

This long sandy beach is located on the west coast of Corfu and is famous for its breathtaking sunset views. The beach is well organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds, and beach bars. It's a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the scenery.

Overview of ocean

Agios Gordios Beach

Nestled in a picturesque cove surrounded by green hills, Agios Gordios Beach is a charming and peaceful retreat. The beach is long and wide, with golden sand and crystal-clear waters. There are also plenty of beachfront restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious Greek cuisine.


The Museum of Asian Art

Located in the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint Georges, the museum was founded in 1927 after Gregory Manos donated his private collection of 10,500 Sino-Japanese objects. Initially a Chinese and Japanese Art Museum, it later expanded to become the Museum of Asian Art.

The Municipal Gallery

Housed in the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George. It houses brilliant works of local artists of the 19th century and frequently it hosts important exhibitions.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Established in 1864 for the British population on the island, the Holy Trinity Church was damaged during WWII and reopened in 1971. Today, it plays an active role in the community by organizing various activities such as craft groups and Bible studies.

Mountains overlooking town and beach area


On Corfu Island, you’ll find unparalleled and delicious food, ranging from typical regional dishes to international cuisine.

Thanks to the location, surrounded by the sea, there’s plenty of exquisite fish and shellfish. There are also traditional dishes like the beef ‘Pastitsado’ which has a unique secret on its recipe called Spetseriko (the mixture of the spices), and only one person sells the original Spetseriko on the island. More traditional dishes like "Sofrito" and "Bianco fish" also should be tasted for a full Corfiot gastronomy experience.

And if you love fruit, you’ll find the Koum Quat fruit, which was brought originally from China centuries ago and grows only in Corfu.

Mediterranean Cuisine plates
Olive tree

Corfu Olive Oil

Corfu olive oil has a long history, and it is known and appreciated all over the world. London “Harrods” has been selling it since 2017. Key factors are the island’s rich soil and special climate, as well as the production process. Many factories are open for tours, where visitors can watch all the procedure in real time and taste the fresh, warm olive oil at the end.


Outdoor Activities

The island of Corfu offers an exceptional geography and climate for a wide range of outdoor activities.  Particularly popular and reinvigorating are the traditional villages of "Bouas", which are generally closed for visitors and open only after request. Also "Doukades" is a beautiful and picturesque village. Walking or hiking on hidden paths and snorkeling in Paleokastritsa are some of the favorite activities of our visitors.

Corfu also has the third-biggest aqua park in Europe, a great adventure for children and the whole family.