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Legal Requirements

The following is a list of all the documentation required by Colombian law to get legally married in Colombia. For Native Colombians:

  • An authenticated copy of your citizenship card (Cedula de Ciudadanía).
  • An authenticated copy of the Civil Registry of Birth (issued within the last three months).
  • The wedding application signed by the couple.

For Foreign Travelers:

  • A valid passport
  • A Visa in force or permission of the Administrative Department of Security DAS (if applicable).
  • An officially Authenticated Birth Certificate issued within the last 90 days. (Please note, if your birth certificate was issued in any language other than Spanish, the document MUST be translated into Spanish and legalized by the Foreign Ministry, also called “apostilized”).
  • A wedding application (signed by the couple)
  • An authentic Certificate of No Impediment or a Certificate of Singleness.

Non-Standard Circumstances

  • If you’ve had a previous marriage Annulled, you will need documentation to that effect.
  • If you’ve survived a previous spouse, you may need your original Marriage Certificate and your spouse’s Death Certificate.
  • If you are divorced, you may need your original Marriage Certificate and your Divorce Decree.