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Discover all the charms of Halkidiki in Greece

Zoëtry Halkidiki Resort & Spa is located on the coast of the Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki, a region northwest of Greece. The resort is 50 minutes by car from Thessaloniki International Airport and 25 minutes from the centre of Nea Moudania.

Visitors to Halkidiki never fail to be amazed by a coastal area bathed by the Aegean Sea offering a variety of unique experiences, stunning beaches and cultural treasures.

Aristotle Park

In the village of Stagira, near Ierissos, this park is dedicated to the life and work of Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher. The park is home to a number of interactive instruments that help demonstrate and view natural phenomena.

Ammouliani Island

Hidden in Halkidiki's Athos Bay, Ammouliani Island features everything you would expect from the Cyclades Islands: charming houses, glittering beaches and sparkling seas. It is also the ideal place to embark on a cruise to Mount Athos and visit the famous monasteries that sit atop its summit.

Wooden walking bridge over clear sea water

Ancient Stagira

The city of Olympiada, named after the mother of King Alexander, is famous above all for the ancient region of Stagira, an area of great historical significance.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a self-governing area of Greece famous for its ancient Byzantine monasteries. Women are not allowed to enter the area and men need a special permit to visit.

Ancient Stagira

Discover a paradise of blue waters in Halkidiki

With mile after mile of pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the beaches in Halkidiki offer the perfect place to relax and bask in the sun. The stunning beauty of the beaches will leave you truly amazed and rejuvenated.


Possidi Beach

Possidi is a picturesque resort located in the southern part of Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula in Halkidiki. An impressive lighthouse overlooks the sandy beach, bordered by numerous hotels and fish restaurants.

Aerial view at Nea Potidea canal

Nea Potidea Beach

A long stretch of beach with great beach bars, stunning sunsets and perfect conditions for water sports.

Beautiful aerial of beach in Kavourotrypes

Kavourotrypes Beach

Also known as Portokali (Orange Beach), Kavourotrypes is located between the Armenistis and Platanitsi beaches in Sithonia. A beach with golden sands and crystal-clear emerald waters surrounded by pine trees and white rocks.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture

Sithonia Festival

A cultural extravaganza held on the Sithonia Peninsula in Halkidiki. It features a diverse range of performances, including music, dance, and theatrical shows, all set in the enchanting surroundings of Sithonia's picturesque landscapes and coastal beauty.

Kassandra Festival

The Kassandra Festival is an annual celebration of arts and culture on the Kassandra Peninsula. It features a variety of concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Afitos Festival

Afitos, a picturesque village in Halkidiki, hosts an annual cultural festival that highlights traditional Greek music, dance, and food. It's a great opportunity to experience the local culture and enjoy authentic Greek hospitality.


Kassandra Peninsula: A Greek Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Halkidiki, Kassandra Peninsula beckons with its pristine golden beaches, charming towns, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Explore the picturesque villages, indulge in Mediterranean cuisine by the sea, and dance the night away in lively clubs. With a history dating back to ancient times, Kassandra offers a unique blend of experiences, making it the perfect gateway to discover the wider Halkidiki region. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty and rich cultural tapestry of this remarkable Greek destination during your stay at our hotel.

Kassandra Peninsula
Petralona Cave

Outdoor Activities

  • Petralona Cave

Also known as the Cave of the Red Stones, it is located 45 km away. The site came to public attention when a fossilised human skull was found there in 1960. The cave had been discovered accidentally after erosion had made a series of indentations in the rock. The most notable fossil retrieved from the cave has been known since then by paleo-anthropologists as the "Petralona Skull".


  • Hiking

Fantastic hiking trails in the tourist area for every different level of experience.

Fresh fruit and vegetables at the market

Local Markets

  • Agricultural markets

The Kassandra region and its products are famous for their extensive variety. Enjoy genuine experiences in the local markets. Markets are held every day in the different towns throughout Halkidiki. Our hotel reception team can provide you with a full list of all of them.