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Small dogs are welcome

Four-legged friends weighing less than 22 lb/10 kg are now welcome at Hotel Palace de Muro and its grounds. Located in the beautiful Playa de Muro, our dog-friendly hotel offers a perfect getaway for you and your furry companion. Enjoy the stunning beach views, relax by our luxurious pool, and explore the scenic surroundings with your dog by your side.

An additional charge of 50€/night applies to your room category for your dog. Please contact the hotel directly to confirm the room category. To book a dog-friendly room, please email our bookings department at It is necessary to check availability and contact the bookings department prior to your stay.

Enjoy your vacation in Playa de Muro with your small dog! Discover the local attractions, take long walks on Playa de Muro beach, and make unforgettable memories with your furry friend at Hotel Palace de Muro.

Dog-Friendly Rooms Supplies


• Welcome letter with guidelines and rules

• Dog bed

• Food and water bowls

• Poop bags

Stock photography - Dog on a bed

Guidelines, restrictions, and availability are applicable and subject to change at any moment.

For further information about assistance dogs, please contact

• The following information is required at check-in: 

• Dog’s name, weight, age, colour, and breed. This is needed so we can identify the dog during your stay.

• Vaccination certificate certifying that the dog has been fully vaccinated against kennel cough and rabies in the last 12 months.

• Evidence of regular flea and worming treatment. Furthermore, the dog must have a civil liability insurance for damages to third parties (this insurance is compulsory for Spanish dogs since 29/09/23). If the dog has a Spanish passport from 29/09/23 the owner must prove that they have completed the training course for dog ownership.

• Palace de Muro's dog policy allows dogs under 10kgs for 50€/night, only in Double Superior rooms.

• Only one dog is permitted per room. It is forbidden to leave the dog alone in the room.

• Dogs are only allowed to be walked in designated areas within the hotel property. Dogs are not allowed in all of the following areas of the hotel, such as the swimming pool, gym, spa and golf facilities (with the exception of guide dogs, which may be walked in these areas in the company of their owners, and in this case no charge may be made for the dog's stay unless the guide dog's accommodation entails an additional cost, for example, the accommodation includes its food. The animal must wear a special badge that accredits it as a guide dog for the duration of the stay in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 3250/1983, of 7 December, which regulates the use of guide dogs for the visually impaired).

• Note: The areas to which the dog cannot have access are identified with badges.

• Dogs are not permitted on beaches due to local regulations.

• Dogs must be on a lead at all times, or in a pet carrier when it is not in the guest’s room.

• Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet within the hotel grounds and disposing of waste in the bins provided.

• Hotel utensils may not be used, except those provided for this purpose, to feed/drink or similar to the pet.

• The pet's maintenance is at the owner's expense.

• The guest must notify reception and hang the "Dog Friendly Room" sign on the door.

• Please contact the front desk to schedule a convenient time to clean your room. Unless the Guest is in the room, our employees will not attempt to enter your room (i.e. housekeeper, engineer, room service, etc.). The dog owner must be in the room if the dog is present when the room is cleaned.

• If the dog at any time threatens another guest or a hotel associate, the hotel reserves the right to request removal from the property. If the dog causes damage, barks, makes other noises or is the cause of complaints from other guests, the hotel reserves the right to request the guest to remove the dog. Additionally, if noise complaints and inconvenience to other guests arise, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the Guest's account for any discount given to these other guests as a result of their discomfort.

• Damage caused by the dog to the Hotel premises is the Guest's responsibility and shall be the responsibility of the Guest.